This branch of the Austrian Hesch family is descended from Johann Hesch and his wife Marya (Schlinz) Hesch, who came to America from Oberschlagles, Bohemia with three sons: Paul, Mathias, and Anton. +++Johann & Marya settled in Buffalo County, Wisconsin but moved to Pierz, Mn in about 1885. .+++Mathias settled in Waumandee, Wisconsin and moved to Pierz in 1911. +++Anton never married but farmed with his dad in Agram Township, where he died in 1911.+++And Paul, my great grandfather, settled five miles away, in Buckman, Minnesota. He died there in 1900.

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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Our Luxemburg Mohimonts

Once again, Google comes thru for us!  The days of guessing where a name might show up in a book or newspaper are long gone, here online...and certainly, we never would even have looked for the name Mohimont in the Dewey Decimal System.  But, how do they *connect?  Who were the Mohimonts?

Angelique Mohimont was the mother of Angelique (Stoltz) SAND, back in Schoenfels and Kehlen, Luxembourg.  She lived from 1810 to sometime after 1857.  (Angelique Stoltz was my great great grandmother, wife of Peter Sand).

But, why are we interested in Angelique Mohimont in particular?  Because *googling 'Mohimont, Stoltz' found a book, written in French, in the Havard Law Library with hits on both names, on the same pages. (Dewey would NEVER have found it!)

I copied the original pages and sent them thru a free online OCR (Optical Character Recognition) service  which 'converts the text from the image into text that you can easily edit on your computer'.  YAY!

But Larry noticed an option on the book page-- "Plain Text"--that does what the OCR did, only better.
The text there is easy to copy and paste into Google Translate with a French-to-English setting. 
Wow--it's a pretty clear translation:

"Stoltz - Kaldarar - Mohimont.

 By act of the notary Molhe received September 9, 1834, the late Captain Charles-Melchior Mohimont during his lifetime for the Austrian Army, died Kœnigsgrœtz, Bohemia, April 23, 1840, assigned to Angelique Mohimont, assisted and authorized her husband Peter Stoltz, miller, Dondelange for a sum of 16,200 francs, all property rights belonging to the estate of her deceased father and mother, subjects of Luxembourg.
The transfer price has been paid to the transferor a sum of 10,870 francs as 11 July 1838 and earlier.
In his will record erected in the presence of four witnesses in accordance with Austrian law, Captain Mohimont established the al Kaldarar universal heirs.
These, by writ of 6 August 1855, gave command to Stoltz spouses, their pay the sum of 6580 francs. for the outstanding principal of the purchase price, that of 4880 fr. for accrued interest from July 11, 1838 until May 21, 1855, finally the costs of execution ready".

From what we can tell, the dispute had to do with an estate and the use of the chapel as a local church, but I could be wrong. Talking it over, Larry and I think it could have been a precedent-setting case.  I've translated most of the proceedings, but c'mon, its all legalese.  Hard to tell who won for sure.

The trial took place in 1857.
Hmm......was it coincidence that Angeliques daughter and her family arrived in NYC in November 1857?  Perhaps some of the money had been used to pay for the trip.  We don't KNOW, but it's interesting to speculate, no?


Larry found this announcement in a Luxemburgh newspaper from May, 1891:

"Rospelt, 24 Mai: Diesen abend starb zu Dondelingen die wohlachtbare Dame Angelika Stolz , geb Mohimont; im alter 80 jahren.  Sie war zeitlebens eine recht glaubige, einfache und
allseitig geschasste Person. Sie Ruhe in Frieden!"
I goofed on some letters, cuz the last bit, translated, doesn't make sense.  It was probably something about her belief in God and her goodness....

"Rospelt, 24 May:This evening died in Dondelinger the most respectable lady Angela Stoltz, born Mohimont; 80 years old.  She was quite a believers life, simple and all sides ousted person. They rest in peace!"

Thanks AGAIN to Larry ☺

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