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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Downtown St Cloud in 1955

Here's a photo by Myron Hall (long time St. Cloud Times photographer) taken from the air, looking west over St Cloud, in 1955.  I would have been 6 that summer, so this is the way I first knew St Cloud.  I've labeled the buildings I know, but there are others I'd love to add.  If you know any more of them, please leave a comment or email me...I can add the names and re-post, ok?

(P.S. I've done that now 4

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Just for reference, here are the businesses in St Cloud who advertised in the directory in 1947...meaning there were many other businesses who were listed  only in the regular alphabetical pages.

Interesting reference #2:  In 1947, the church we consider to be "St Marys" was still listed in the directory as the "Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception".  
So, when did it change?


  1. Elks Lodge is next to Petters, and Three Sisters was in between Fandels and Kresge's. And the Paramount is visible, too. you got alot!

  2. OK--thanks, I've added em ☺ What was the name of the car dealership bottom left, do ya remember? And how about the church just this side of the lake? It was later Model College of Hair Design, but...oh wait! I know where I can
    This is FUN!

  3. To the left of Jack's Outlet, down by Division, was a dry cleaner, One Hour Martinizing, whatever that is. Also, there was that shoe store Bruth used to work in, the other way from Jack's on the same block. Oh yeah, Robert Phillips shoes, and near Woolworth's there was a Tradehome shoes. Where in the brain are these things stored? Love you, Pfoof

    1. Jack's Outlet was owned by Jack Kleinbaum,, Jack had a son with the name of Corky, Corky and I were friends and Jack was my boyscout master Troop 108, Jack was a kind and generous man, he paid for my trip to Long Lake, a boyscout camp at Long Lake.
      Thank you Tom Hiemenz

  4. I remembered the dry cleaner being a smallish shop with a drive up on the north side of it--but was it in the middle of the block like in the pic?
    I'm thinking Robert Phillips was a newer storefront, but if I can find them in the city directory, I'll add em. Sadly, Woolworths, Osco Drug and Tradehome are all off the right edge of the pic...damn!
    Thanks unto you!!