This branch of the Austrian Hesch family is descended from Johann Hesch and his wife Marya (Schlinz) Hesch, who came to America from Oberschlagles, Bohemia with three sons: Paul, Mathias, and Anton. +++Johann & Marya settled in Buffalo County, Wisconsin but moved to Pierz, Mn in about 1885. .+++Mathias settled in Waumandee, Wisconsin and moved to Pierz in 1911. +++Anton never married but farmed with his dad in Agram Township, where he died in 1911.+++And Paul, my great grandfather, settled five miles away, in Buckman, Minnesota. He died there in 1900.

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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Little Falls High School, Class of 1941 has provided many good leads and photos to spice-up the blog, don't you think?  Here's another gem that really, only Morrison Co descendants would recognize or cherish.  That means it belongs here, even tho there's only one kid who was born a Hesch (and one lucky girl who became a Hesch) in the pic.  Still, many of the names are familiar from Pierz, Buckman and Royalton, and quite a few of those families have been mentioned here on HH.  
I assume the photo will en-biggen if you click it, but if that's not big enough, right-click it and "save as" (give it a name) and view it on your picture viewing program.  Actually, Paint works pretty well, too.

Here's the list of names that was posted with the pic:
Little Falls High School L to R 1st Row (Top)... D.Kusnerek, H. Schlesky, Ardell Sharon (Mrs. Lester Solem), Jeanne La Fond (Mrs. Vernon H. Lake), Geo. Copa, I. Gruber, Beverly Massy (Mrs. James Downey), J. Heigl, Reinhard Preimesberger (married Pearl Green), I. Japp, Ralph Nelson, Dorothy Manbeck (Mrs. Charles Bachman), Marjorie Rale (Mrs. Kenneth Worlie), M. Bellamy, F. Pitt, Alice Hansen (Mrs. Wilbur Nelson), Milton Voltin, O. Burrows 
2nd Row... Evelyn Wilcox (Mrs. Paul W. Williams), A. Sobiech, Lucille Meyers (Mrs. Stephen St. Onge), L. Perowitz, Viola Olson (Mrs. Vincent Paul), Patricia Gaveney (Mrs. Robert L. Stephenson), R. Hines, Cathryn Gulden (Mrs. Irwin Kastanek), R. Moehle, R. Sohlinkert, Elaine Billstein (Mrs. Kenneth J. Mahoney), Carlyle J. Nelson (married Mary Gannon), Stephen Januschka (married Rose Schmidtbauer), Earl Bayerl (married Virginia Stalpes), Louise Brick (Mrs. A. D. Foster), Eleanor Little (Mrs. F. L. Rigdon), Genevieve Trafas (Mrs. Clarence "Jack" Nowak), Ruth Feucht (Mrs. Robert D Laidlaw) 
3rd Row... D. LeMieur, Alice Hanson (Mrs. Wilbur Nelson), Z. Oothoudt, Leona Sharbonno (Mrs. P. Paulos), Joe Mosier (married Geraldine Reis), Jack Houle (married Mabel Gaboury), C. Mueller, Keith P. Blair (married Eileen Delaney), William Charles Grettum Sr., Margaret Le Blanc (Mrs. Theo Thielen), Mercedes Anderson (Mrs. William S. Lundberg Jr.), P. Piehowski, Betty Kobilka (Mrs. Bruce Sears), R. Kujacinski, Dorthy L. Walkowiak (Mrs. Larry Simonet), Vera Siegel (Mrs. Walter S. Sayer), Lyle D. Nelson (married Colleen Nygaard), D. Sundstrom 
4th Row... Mary Fueger, Clara Richter (Mrs. Jerome O'Brien), Joseph Theis (married LaRayne Lust), Dorothy Sharbonno (Mrs. Marvin Hough), Mary Ginter (Mrs. Charles Aus), Evelyn Zapzalka (Mrs. Henry Witt), Leo W. Thielen (married Dorothy Motschke), Fred J. Plettl (married Lorna Tiedt), Helen Rossa (Mrs. David Gwost), Dorothy Holste (Mrs. Wilbur Hines), Robert J. Mahling (married Marilyn Gosch), Alice Zierman, Jerome Terhaar (married Lois Lafavor), S. Fredrickson, Audrey Bjornoos (Mrs. William McKinney), Bernard J. Deick (married Jeannette H. Leding), Beverly Pantzke (Mrs. Philip M. Johnston), D. LeBeau 
5th Row... R. McGowan, Violet Super (Mrs. Florian Wotzka), C. Stumpf, Morris Virnig (married Lorraine Immel), V. Moeller, Barbara Holst (Mrs. John W. Cullen), S. Mrosik, F. Plohoez, Florence Brick (Mrs. Donald Rasicot), Russell Bergren (married Lorraine MacFarlane), William Gablenz (married Phyllis Frost), Shirley Gish (married classmate Raymond VonderHaar), Roman Vaverek (married Stella Lipshik), A. Solinger, Rose Marie Trafas (Mrs. Slanika), R. Kiewel, Ann F. Evans (Mrs. George E. Atkinson Jr.), Shirley Blake (married classmate Albinus Preimesberger) 
6th Row... Bernadine Chelling (Mrs. Robert L. Carmichael), Lewis H. Winker (married Marguerite Lux), Rosemary McGivern (Mrs. Daniel McMurray), Ben Lapos, Dorothy Enke (married classmate Donald Felix), Audrey Langer (Mrs. Jerome Deppa), R. Rockwood, Pat Gravelle (Mrs. Donald Moeglein), Otto Kaiser (married Dolores Doll), Claude Kapsner (married Dolores Gallagher), M. Boser, M. Vornbrock, Anthony "Tony" Bieganek (married Marie Rocheleau), Ione Heroux (married classmate Gerald Bratt), Bernard J. Bentler (married Pauline Fulton), Herbert Hesch (married Betty Lynch, from Iowa), Ervin H. Joseph (married Margaret Kurowski), Gertrude Kurtzahn (Mrs. Joseph Hesch) 
7th Row... Norman Brock, E. Bermel, Geraldine Rausch (Mrs. George W. Martin), Raymond Kippley (married Dolores Faust), Lucille M. Anderson (Mrs. Conrad Tschida), Elias Wotzka (married Jo Ann Prezinski), Gerald Bratt (married classmate Ione Heroux), H. Harakel, C. Kemp, A. Witt, Leander M. Preimesberger (married Loretta Blais), Margarette "Margo" Rolph (Mrs. Harold Hendrickson), Lorraine Yourczek (Mrs. Dewey L. Edgemon), Raymond VonderHaar (married classmate Shirley Gish), I. Kupka, Ralph Nelson, B. Thelen, Ambrose M. Gelhar 
8th Row... Mary Trettel (Mrs. Eldred Phillips), R. Lange, A. Karpinski, Charlotte Brandenberger (Mrs. Milton Lonnee), Ken Houchins (married Alice Thielen), Sister M. Florence Liebl, Donald Guild (married Ruth E Dewey), L. Bayer, William T. Stoll (married Delrose Gruber), V. Jones, E. Holmquist, H. Brausen, Rose Vasaly (Mrs. Thomas Jones), James Shackman, C. Nordberg, Celestine Schmolke (married Viola Martinson), G. Erie, G. Gohman 
9th Row (Bottom)... Albinus Preimesberger (married classmate Shirley Blake), R. Rydquist, Shirley Smith (Mrs. Samuel M Lowe), Joseph L. Kempenich, Arlene Merkling (Mrs. Roy R. Muncy), G. Davidson, Ella Mae Worlie (Mrs. Ernest Domschot), Irene Larson (Mrs. George Stone), M. Nagel, Don Felix (married classmate Dorothy Enke), Ray Noe, Philomine Lepinski (Mrs. Douglas Brown), P. Schandel

Class of 1941 Little Falls, Minnesota

Thanks to Larry for finding this, 
and to the class for sitting still 73 years ago ☺


  1. Found my grandma on here! I wish I could've met her. Too bad she passed away before I was born.

  2. Years ago I came across Louise C. Brick diploma and I still have it. Diploma is in perfect condition and I want to see it's returned to proper home. Email me