This branch of the Austrian Hesch family is descended from Johann Hesch and his wife Marya (Schlinz) Hesch, who came to America from Oberschlagles, Bohemia with three sons: Paul, Mathias, and Anton. +++Johann & Marya settled in Buffalo County, Wisconsin but moved to Pierz, Mn in about 1885. .+++Mathias settled in Waumandee, Wisconsin and moved to Pierz in 1911. +++Anton never married but farmed with his dad in Agram Township, where he died in 1911.+++And Paul, my great grandfather, settled five miles away, in Buckman, Minnesota. He died there in 1900.

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Sunday, January 11, 2015

Were they brothers?

Have I mentioned how much we adore being the catalyst for family connections? Ok, probably, but you're reading, so it can't be too obnoxious.

This time, it's the rest of the story of an orphan train kid who arrived in St Cloud and was adopted by Grandma Lizzy's cousins' widow and her brother.  Three years ago, we heard from Slim, who's grandpa was John Austin Williams. Yesterday, we heard from Addie, the daughter of William Joseph Williams. Woohoo! What we think we know about them is at those links.  Read them both.  We'll wait.

NOW, we have photos from Addie and Slim to post.  I sent Slim's email address to Addie, so maybe we'll know even more, eventually.
The boy on the left was newly adopted William Sand.
Click to enlarge.
This is Magdalena Sand and her brother Bernard Brodie/Brody,
who adopted and raised William (and adopted sister Amelia/Emily).

William and Emily,
6-7 years old
William and Emily
4-5 years old... 
 Three photos of adoptees William (and Emily) in St Cloud, Minnesota.  As far as we know, they were not related to each other and were adopted from the orphan trains separately.  This post is about William, but Emily was a big part of his life, of course. HH doesn't know anything about her beyond these pics, but they look like their life with Lena and Bernie was good.

 William Sand as an adult, one photo in about 1958, the other in the late 40s.

 OK, here are the few photos we have of John Austin Williams.  WERE they brothers??  Addie said William was 5"7", and here, John looks tall.  Check below, where the pictures are closer in age.

THANK YOU, Slim and Addie!
William Joseph Williams/Sand

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